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Look Fresh Aesthetics is a luxury private clinic, a short 15 min drive from Glasgow City Centre.
At your initial personal consultation assessment, Joanne will discuss any of your concerns and a bespoke package will be created for you.
Joanne is medically trained in aesthetics and thrives to continue her knowledge and passion. Always offering the latest treatments in facial advanced dermal filler, anti-wrinkle treatments and much more.

Not only are your natural looks enhanced you will also get a first class aftercare service.

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Skin boosters treatment


Micro needling:
Significantly helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone and reduces acne scaring and stretch marks.
Brightens up complexion and allows deeper penetration for skin care products.
Highly effective and painless treatment that can also be performed before chemical peels and microneedling.
Removes vellus hair and non-living cells for that beautiful glow.

Chemical Peels
Chemical Peels are very popular and are a safe non-surgical procedure that can help dramatically reduce effects of skin damage.
Dermal Filler treatment areas


Unlike botox these work by re plumping the face rather than freezing it.
More natural rejuvenation to the treated area.
This is the prime difference as it allows the face to maintain expression and unhindered movement.
Anti Wrinkle treatment


We offer personalised treatments to help your skin look fresher and younger. We also offer excessive perspiration treatments. 

Fat Dissolve treatment


Fat dissolving injections:
Safe and very effective treatment that destroys fat fells in targeted areas. Can be used on stubborn areas, for body contouring, abdomen, saddle bags, double chin, arms, inner thighs.
Vitamin Treatment


We also do B12 injections which is a natural vitamin that provides energy, improves metabolism, lowers stress levels  and improves mood.

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